Today people can tend to get lost in the fast paced work environment the world has created. I put quality over quantity. I myself believe in putting my heart and soul into every project I take on.  From art to business to life I believe in treating people like people. When most are in search of a designer they want to feel like a part of the creation process.  As a designer the customers input to the project is everything to create the perfect outcome. What ever your business needs may be I am here to take you along the process with me.

Whether you are just starting out and need to develop your brand, or just looking to spice up your pre existing work I am here with you every step of the way. From logo design, apparel, social media advertising and so on. The process is simple if you need artwork I am here to support you in creating the exact quality work you desire every single time. 

The artwork behind any brand is arguably one of the most essential keys to success in your business. It creates first impressions and an image for your customers to remember you by. When you want to stand out from the rest you will need something that not only speaks to your market but portrays a vivid and correct image of what you and your business are all about. When you begin your adventure, choosing the correct artist is a very important decision. When you decide to move forward you will want someone you can easily communicate with and make changes when necessary and connect with on a personal level.

When you decide to move forward with JL Design, you will be promised my very best hands on work and quality customer service. You will be choosing an artist that takes pride in every project released and never leaves a customer unsatisfied. 

From a returning customer to our new visitors. I want to thank you for your interest and hope to continue to bring you the best quality artwork and branding possible.


Jake Locks